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Supervision is available for managers and and those working in human services. We take a Gestalt approach, applying the principles to your particular setting. Our orientation is around awareness, authenticity, empowerment and relationship.


We offer two types of supervision for therapists. 

Reporting-type supervision is a standard form, involving conversations about work related matters and client management.

Direct supervision occurs via witnessing a client session. This could be by video, audio, or live. Feedback is given after watching the session. This is a little more complex to organise, but allows for a highly quality of supervision.

Supervision can occur one to one, or in a group setting. Similarly, in the group, it can either be reporting format, or direct, using co-participants in the group. 


Professional supervision is $175 per hour.

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We offer lectures, presentations and keynotes for organisations, events and conferences. Get in touch with us for your specific needs.



We provide an organisational consulting service, working with you to determine your needs, and then providing the interventions, training, individual and team facilitation required. We use systemic approaches and the philosophy of authentic management underpins our work. 

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